Band Boosters Meeting Minutes

February 2019

SEP Band Boosters – 02/07/2019 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. Location Band Room SEP High School

Attendees: Jayson Gerth (Director), Jeanna Panosh (Booster Secretary), Jeff Reece, Alecia Cory, Michelle Rhine (Volunteer Coordinator), Dawn VanFleet, Danielle Kunze, Bill Burge, Christine Drabek, Kathy Kleywegt

Treasurer report:

Alecia Cory stated as of December 2018, we had a balance of $65371.89. For reference purposes, the prior balance was $64,512.75 (November 2018).  It was estimated we had revenue of $8225 and expenditures of $7365.86.

Secretary report:

Meeting minutes for January 2019 are available on the Band Booster web page at,. There were no questions about the prior meeting minutes.

Directors report:

Submitted by Jayson Gerth

  • All Iowa Concert Band Festival is 2/18. Details have been emailed out & itinerary is in google classroom. 5 buses will be used. We will need 6 volunteers to chaperone. Michelle Rhine will coordinate volunteers.

  • Solo & ensemble 2/26. Sign up for volunteers is live

  • Jazz Festival 2/9.

    • Still very light for volunteers in the afternoon. Traditionally late afternoon is hard & often we end up asking the morning shifts to stay later. This date is a challenge because showchoir travels on this date as well. We do as well as we can, still need help.

      • Dawn VanFleet shared the request for help to Facebook & that is appreciated. A few have expressed interest, hopefully, they’ll sign up.

    • Jayson had a student meeting yesterday @ 9:00 am. Students will help with sound, concessions or traffic flow for band students with their equipment. A small group will help set up after school tomorrow and again after the basketball game. All equipment for the gym center will be moved to ground level before the game & then pull it out once everything clears out after the game.

      • Gym doors - only a few will be unlocked to help with traffic flow - Upper-level doors (where students used to enter for homeroom) for audience entry, directly below for participating bands. We will provide rhythm section equipment & elevator by concessions is available to help bands move between levels.

      • Consider making “not an entrance” signs - will do as needed

    • 38 bands registered. We’ve had 2 bands scratch- 1 had a bass player that had to take ACT & they couldn’t come. The other was a jr high band from Muscatine that felt they weren’t ready.

  • Next meeting April 11th - that will be a few weeks before Adventureland Band Festival (April 26-27th)

    • Update from Jeanna - Email has been sent to directors & those helping manage main roles. We’re all returning to our roles & should only have a few details to work out. That will happen after Jazz fest. We can have a formal meeting if there is a desire, perhaps over Mexican! Kristen & Jeanna plan to meet with the directors during solo & ensemble.

  • Mandatory Florida band trip mtg 2/21. An email was sent through Infinite Campus today. Jayson is aware there is a current conflict with showchoir practice and will speak with Jaime Logan to make it work for students in both activities. That meeting will be a very important meeting to attend.

  • Honor bands

    • Currently, Samantha Kline & Sophia Patchin are at the UNI Honor Band. Kristen Patchin is accompanying them. Jayden Scheller will be performing with the UI Honor Band.

  • Pep band

    • Final planned performance is 2/8, senior night. If the girl's basketball team goes to State tournament, we’ll perform accordingly.

    • Senior parents will gather in the NE corner of the gym.

    • After senior students & parents are introduced, John Kleywegt will hand off the special trombone to the next trombone player. Last year was the first time we officially handed off the trombone. Fun new tradition & it has no “set” rules. John hasn’t yet told directors who he plans to hand it off to- it will likely be an upperclassman.

  • Jazz band

    • Jazz 1 played @ Simpson Jazz. Finished 3rd out of 7 bands. Performed very well

    • All 3 bands will go to Tallcorn Jazz Festival @ UNI 2/15

    • Woodward Granger will be the following Friday (2/22)

    • Jazz concert is March 7th

  • Concert bands

    • Next concert on March 5th will have two bands perform. The wind ensemble and a  combined concert/symphonic band. While not all students are going to Florida, all are preparing the same music. Approx 160 students playing at the concert.

  • Wind ensemble

    • Joint concert April 16th w/ Winterset ensemble.

    • We’ll need booster volunteers to serve dinner that night - more details to come.

    • Western Illinois Showcase of Bands, Feb 20-22, 2020

      • Amazing acoustics & a very nice hall to perform in

New Business

  • None

Old Business

  • Credit card sales at concerts-

    • Jayson visited with the school’s bookkeeper, Michele Zinnel. The boosters can create a Square account.

      • Processing fees from 2.75% and up will be included and are dependent on the credit card used. (Most companies charge 2.75% but some chart up to 3.05% plus 0.15 per use). The fee is taken out before money is deposited into the bank account.

      • If an account is created, it should be set up as “SEP Band Bstr” (or something similar that indicates it’s for the boosters) so that Michelle knows which booster group the funds are going to.

      • Square account can be used for t-shirt sales, concessions, etc. (Not Band Resale items fund 21).

      • The person in charge of the Square account will need to provide Michelle/Bookkeeper with the email address & password registered to the account so that she can verify at month end. He/she will also need to forward a copy of the confirmation email (from Square) of amounts deposited, generally received the next day.

      • The person arranging the account will need to contact Amber Ray for the bank information/set up.

    • Mr Campbell is on board as long as we’re working with the bookkeeper.

    • Will address moving forward with the process when booster president & more booster parents are in attendance

  • Fundraising -

    • Traci isn’t present tonight to follow up on any grants in process

    • Amazon Smiles - According to Amazon, we’d need our own EIN. At present time, the EIN registered to SEP isn’t being actively managed. Unlikely the school would want our booster club to use the school account.

      • According to Jayson, the past few years, the boosters have considered getting our own EIN number. Kevin Baccam recommended we do that but to date, we haven’t formally pursued the process.

      • It’s possible that having our own EIN may make it easier the next time we have payments for a band trip

        • Currently, Bob Rogers payments have been labeled as scholarships to circumvent any tax problems

      • Jayson will look into the process again.

The next booster meeting will be Thursday, April 11, 2019.

Move to adjourn by Michelle Rhine, second by Danielle Kunze. Meeting was adjourned at 6:58 PM.