Please note: not all of these fees may apply to your child. Your child will be notified if and/or when a fee will apply to them.

Fees can be paid through Infinite Campus.



Instrument Rental Fee
(for those without their own instrument. Does not include percussion)


Instrument Rental Fee
(each instrument after the first rented)


Percussion Usage Fee (paid by all percussionists)


Marching Band Shoes


Marching Band Gloves


Marching Band T-Shirt


Pep Band T-Shirt


If damage occurs to uniforms, here is a list of the replacement cost.  These payments are made to the Band Boosters.



Marching Band Coat


Marching Band Pants


Marching Band Shako


Shako Plume


Band Garment Bag


Tuxedo Coat


Tuxedo Pants


Tuxedo Shirt


Formal Dress


Bow Tie