Band Boosters Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2019


SEP Band Boosters – April 2019 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. Location Band Room SEP High School

Attendees: Jayson Gerth, Jason Scheller, Alecia Cory, Michelle Rhine, Heather Scheller, Christine Drabek, Becky and Dave Bernholtz, Jodi and Megan Masterson, Reece’s and Burge’s.

Treasurer report: 

Alecia Cory stated as of February 2019, we had a balance of $68,714.67. For reference purposes, the prior balance was $63,885.21 (January).  It was estimated that in February we had revenue of $6091.07 and expenditures of $1261.61.

Secretary report: 

Meeting minutes for February 2019 are available on the Band Booster web page,,. There were no questions about the prior meeting minutes.

Directors report:

Submitted by Jacqui Meunier and Jayson Gerth

  • Adventureland Festival of Bands (4/25-4/26) – Concert Band will perform at 3:00, Symphonic Band at 3:25 and Wind Ensemble at 8:50
  • Joint concert with Winterset on Tues (4/16)
  • Pep Band – SEP paid for all ticket for trips to the Girls State Tournament
  • Jazz Band – Jazz II and III ended their season in March with a concert and Jazz I will have their final concert May 6.  They had a very successful year.
  • New staff member at the Jr High to work with Tedd Heggen!!
  • Summer schedule will be released early next week

New Business:

  • Huge thank you to the parents that have been filling a variety of roles w/in the booster/band program each year. Moving into 2019-2020 we will be looking for new parents to shadow/step into a variety of roles for next year:
    • Volunteer coordinator
    • Concessions help at spring events (JazzFest, Adventureland Festival of Bands)
    • Stage help for concerts & band events
    • Uniform Coordinator
  • VP stepping into interim President role next year
  • Summer booster club meeting? No formal dates set aside at this time. Is there a need/desire for a meeting?  It was decided that there was no need for a summer meeting
  • Becky implemented a new check-in process for uniforms last year and it ran smoothly and she would like to make it a better process.  She proposed that the boosters purchase iron-on tags for all uniforms with a QR code. It will cost around $400 and we will start with Concert, Symphonic and Wind Ensemble uniforms first and hold off on Marching band until after new uniforms are purchased.  There was a unanimous vote in favor of this. Becky will work out the details with the directors.
  • How do we get new parents?   Talk at the Jr High concert coming up (Jason Scheller)  Other ideas? Need to figure out a way to bring on new parents to help with our events.

Old Business:

  • Credit card sales using a Square account –  No progress
  • Fundraising – follow up on SEP Band Boosters being assigned their own EIN – No progress


Move to adjourn by Michelle Rhine, second by Christine Drabeck. Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.