Band Boosters Meeting Minutes

August, 2017

SEP Band Boosters – 08/24/2017 July Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. Location Band Room SEP Hight School

Attendees: Jacqui Meunier, Jimmy & Mary Freel, Michelle and Gavin Rhine, Dennis and Ben Schell, Kristen and Sophia Patchin, Jason and Heather Scheller, Jeanna; Kennedy and Morgan Panosh, Melissa Reeves Jodi Masterson, Dawn Van Fleet, Jeff Reece, Don and Steve Matz, Jami Martin, Alecia Cory, Lynn and Kate Voss, Megan Masterson, Grace Narber, Andy Fest, Bryana Stevenson, Andrew Gjersvik, Melissa Walker, Nancy Greenwood, Christine Drabek, Andrea Krier, Valerie Gladwyn-Nash, Lisa Williams, TimFauez, Kathy Kleywegt Whitney Smith-McIntosh, Will Martin.


Melissa Reeves stated as of 5/17/2017 we have a balance of $46,608.11. We expect a substantial increase with the next report as water, parking and the 59 minute fundraiser are not yet included.

Secretary Report:

Meeting minutes for July are available on the Band Booster web page. There were no questions aboutthe prior meeting minutes.


Submitted by Jacqui

New Business

Huge thank you to all the parents who were here to help with MANY things this summer! Uniforms, Feeding and watering kids, slugging equipment – anything that was needed!

The Marching Band continues to work on the back drops – additionally we have spent approximately $2,800 on new sound enhancing equipment.

Pizza Bob fundraiser will begin on October 16th with delivery on November 21st – be on the lookout.

The 59-minute fundraiser Cookie Dough will be delivered on August 31st and funds are due on September 5th. Approximately $8,000 + was raised.

State Fair parking/Water Sales – Jamie feels we raised around $2,079 on water sales. Additionally, the school receives $5,000 for assisting with parking. Jamie has stated she will be happy to coordinate the water sales again next year and notes indicate that Dennis will be open to coordinating the State Fair Parking!

T-Shirts – This year’s shirts are available for purchase at the cost of $12.00/each

Instrument fees will soon be added to Infinite Campus

Band Handbook was sent as an email – please check your spam if you did not receive. Students neededto complete via Google doc by 8/28.

Comic Con Date is pending but the Wind Ensemble will be preforming – more details will be shared as they are known.

The Wind Ensemble will be doing a joint concert again this year. Mrs. Meunier is solidifying details.

All State auditions are the 3rd week of October and Pre-Auditions will be required again this year due to the limitation of student spots.

Voting of new Officers

  • President Elect – Will take role of President at the “retirement” of Jimmy Freel
  • Nominees – Jason Scheller and Kristen Patchin
  • Voted in as President Elect - Jason Scheller
  • Vice President – Works with the President; President Elect; Directors and Band Booster Members
  • Nominees – Kristen Patchin, Steve Rhine, Jeff Reece
  • Voted in as Vice President – Kristen Patchin
  • Secretary Elect – Will take role of Secretary at the “retirement” of Mary Freel
  • Nominees – Dawn Van Fleet, Jeanna Panosh
  • Voted in as Secretary – Jeanna Panosh

Additional New Business

After concluding the voting process – the floor was opened for discussion around the 59-minute fundraiser as well as future fund raising opportunities. Some parents had concerns about this newest venture and have asked for more clarity around the process the students will follow in the future. Jacqui took all feedback and will discuss with Mr. Gerth. While the fundraiser was a success all agreed, it could use more structure and transparency around the process and the profits made.

The group also discussed some ideas for other fundraising because of the need for new uniforms in the not so distant future as well as the upcoming trip to Disney in the NEXT school year. Some ideas brought to the table included:

  • Selling pop-sockets with SEP logo
  • Can drives
  • Wells Fargo clean up event

Old Business

There was not much old business to discuss – Final Take a Seat disbursements will occur soon and a reminder that some of the Bands will be playing at the Outlets of Des Moines Grand Opening on Friday

October 20th - this is a NO SCHOOL day.

The next booster meeting will be in October 19th at 6:30 PM in the band room.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.