Band Boosters Meeting Minutes

                                                                   February 2018


 SEP Band Boosters – 02/15/2018 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. Location Band Room SEP High School

Attendees: Jacqui Meunier, Jayson Gerth, Michelle Rhine, Dawn Van Fleet, Megan Masterson, Jodi Masterson, Melissa Reeves, Jeanna Panosh, Morgan Panosh, Steve Matz, Kristen Patchin, Jeff Reece, Jimmy & Mary Freel.

Melissa Reeves stated as of January 2018, we have a balance of $54,016.42. It was estimated we had revenue of approximately $41 and expenditures of approximately $600.

Secretary Report:
Nothing new to report. Jeanna Panosh, secretary-elect, substituting for Mary Freel.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Submitted by Jacqui Meunier and Jayson Gerth

Jazz Fest

  • 39 registered bands, 30 attending bands. Scratches were due to weather; the SEP junior high scratched due to conductor illness. No refunds are issued for scratches. At this time we will plan to stick with 40 band limit for the event. Using the library as a center worked well.
  • Reg fees $150/school - $5850 collected in fees. Goes into our band activity account
  • $3018.01 in gate – band activity account
  • Net concessions $2995 – booster account
  • Sponsorships - $1250 (compared to only $250 in 2017)
  • Kelly George had large influence. Many sponsors have relationship w/ George’s and their business
  • Donations ranged from $50 for bus card size ad to $200 for stage sponsorship
  • Gross profit $13213.01, net after program printing fees & concessions; profit = ~$7047. (2017 $14438.80 gross, $7854.15 net)
  • Feedback – directors loved the festival. Some voiced desire for concessions to remain open longer. Some afternoon schools weren’t able to eat as planned.  (Decision was made not to prepare additional food due to concerns about how many more students would come through. Closed early to avoid wasted food.)
  • Huge thanks to Michelle Rhine and George’s, Reece’s for all of their hard work. Miranda Ray was phenomenal at selling whatever we needed.
  • Mr Gerth & Michelle will meet at another time to discuss volunteer timing for students

    Solo &Ensemble contest 
  • Volunteers filled except clean-up slots
  • Reminder sent to 4:30 volunteers to arrive 4:15 to be ready to roll at 4:30
  • Expected to run longer than normal, heavy on woodwinds and more ensembles that have followed through and plan to perform
  • There will be a food table
  • All that OTHER Jazz

    2/16 Tallcorn Festival @ UNI
  • Jazz 1 1:50, 2 3:30, 3 4:45
  • 2/19
  • Jazz 1 – performing for 6-8th band. All 6th graders (180 students) coming. 7th & 8th (78 students) jazz. Start during 7th hour. New this year and as a “recruiting” ploy- students are currently filling out schedules for next year.

    2/23 Woodward/Granger Festival
  • Field-tripped 8th period
  • Friday night this year; not playing on Sat due to Ram Showcase
  • Possibly working on bringing all 5th grade students to listen to Wind Ensemble

  • Submitted paperwork for approval from board
  • More info coming!

  • 59 min fundraiser in August at end of band camp
  • Clubs choice
  • State fair parking & water sales
  • Possibility of spring fundraiser yet this year
  • Get 8th graders involved hopefully
  • Possibility of discount cards
  • Baseball & rugby use them
  • Casey’s is one of the best – VIP card
  • Free medium w/ large specialty – 10 punches, $20
  • Oil change or gas discount card
  • Local businesses
  • Trying to balance fundraising and not saturating the market w/ requests
  • Open to suggestions for other fundraisers –
  • Butter braids– works well for vocal & bowling
  • Vocal does in the fall & bowling is right behind them. We might be able to do in spring. (Suggested by Dawn Van Fleet)
  • Consider door-to-door blitz w/ small groups (suggestion by Jimmy Freel)
  • Pies pre-ordered and then make/deliver (suggestion by Kristen Patchin)

    Girls State B’ball tournament
  • Jason Campbell visited with directors about costs. Athletic union passed resolution that will pay for 30 to attend. Working on other options. Has to be consistent w/ our ticket purchases with other activities purchases (ie funding wrestling team to go somewhere, etc)
  • Remaining costs – boosters? Cost is $10/person. We currently have 130 pep students.

    Adventureland Band Fest
  • Kristen & Jeanna have met & will handle communication via email after meeting with directors
  • Volunteer opportunities will be coming

    Band camp
  • Ankeny does differently – Directors considering making changes on times we do camp.
  • Currently checking what obstacles may be encountered. Same days Aug 2nd-8th. Band commitment times will change – noon to nine with one meal.
  •  59 min fundraiser on Wed 8/8 – possibly provide pizza, start fundraiser after finishing camp
  • Gap between last band camp and inservice week do Mon 13/Thurs 16/Mon 20th 6-9pm instead of early AM (more of a sure thing than changing times of band camp)
  • Easier transport for parents
  • Less conflict w/ state fair & water sales
  • More info coming soon via email to current 8th-11th students

New Business

We will need a new treasurer for next year, Melissa Reeves is stepping down. An email will be sent for nominations. Add the vote to the agenda for next meeting.

Old Business

New uniforms are delayed at this time. Address again in 2019.

The next booster meeting will be determined and shared at a later date.


Move to adjourn by Jimmy Freel, second by Dawn Van Fleet. Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.