Band Boosters Meeting Minutes

January 2019

SEP Band Boosters – 01/10/2019 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. Location Band Room SEP High School

Attendees: Jayson Gerth (Director), Jacquelyn Meunier (Director), Jason Scheller (Booster President), Kristen Patchin (Booster Vice President), Jeanna Panosh (Booster Secretary) Michelle Rhine (Volunteer Coordinator), Christine Drabek, Dawn Vanfleet, William Kunze, Danielle Kunze, Bill Burge, Brandy Burge, Jeff Reece, Dawn Reece, Jodi Masterson, Megan Masterson, Katy Meunier, Arlyn Morris, Melissa Morris

Treasurer report:

Treasurer not in attendance. Balance late November 2018 was $64,512.75. November revenue was $5594.88, expenditures were $5889.79. Prior reported balance was $64,807.66 (Oct 2018).

Alecia will request an update before before the Feb 7th meeting.

Secretary report:

Meeting minutes for November 2018 are available on the Band Booster web page at,. There were no questions about the prior meeting minutes.

Directors report:

Submitted by Jacqui Meunier and Jayson Gerth


Mattress Fundraiser Result: $8165 in profit

Date scheduled for April 16, 2020 (parent kick off meeting will be before Booster meeting in March 2020)

Honor bands/Honors

  • Major Landers Scholarship award winners

    • Very prestigious competition. This year we had 2 students audition at SCIBA. Katy Meunier placed 1st and will move on to State competition. Sophia Patchin placed 3rd. Thirteen students, in all, auditioned for the top 3 spots. Jayson stated he can’t remember that anyone has ever placed 2 students from the same school in the top 3. Prior to this year, SEP has had only 1 other student move on to State.

  • SCIBA Honor Band 1/5/19. Participating students: Johnson Huynh, Noah Criswell, Spencer O'Riley, Emily Martinson, Chloe Thostenson, Katie Meredith, Lizzy Kunze, Hannah Ortega

  • Drake Jazz Honor Band 2/5/19. Participating: Jeff Huynh, Spencer Clifton, Johnson Huynh, Emily Martinson, Odelle Brown, Evan Perry, Nick Cheung, Carson George

  • ISU Honor Band, 2/1 and 2/2. Participating:  Emily Paul, Sophia Patchin, Ben Hukvari, Jaeden Scheller, Katy Meunier, Logan TeKolste, Evan Perry, Jenna Vignovich, Emma Pellegrino, Hannah Ortega

  • Northern Festival of Bands. Samantha Kline & Sophia Patchin will be performing with UNI Honor Band. Jaeden Scheller will be performing with the University of Iowa Honor Band.

Pep Band

  • Alumni Night

    • 53 alumni played with the band on January 4. This was our largest turnout (compared to 48 last year) and had students from as far back as 2001. Anticipate alumni night will continue to grow each year as many students that typically come could not make it this year but plan to return next year.

    • Fun for the directors to see alumni. Great opportunity for current students to interact with advanced students. Wonderful opportunity for alumni parents to come back. GREAT CROWD SUPPORT!

  • 8th grade night is January 22. Expecting 98 8th graders plus our 130 students. Will be in the upper level bleachers again.

Jazz Band

  • SCIBA Jazz Festival, December 8 @ Waukee HS.

Jazz 3: 8th in second bands (out of 14)

Jazz 2: 5th

Jazz 1: 4th in 4A (out of 17)

  • Upcoming festivals & concerts:

Simpson Jazz 1 (Thursday 1/24) - Early dismissal from school

UNI Tallcorn (All jazz bands) (Friday 2/15)

Woodward Granger (All jazz bands) (Friday 2/22)

Concert March 7

  • Jazz Festival is Saturday 2/9. There will be a brief committee meeting following tonight’s booster meeting.

Wind Ensemble

  • Wind Ensemble performed for 6th and 7th grade bands on January 7th. It was a CRAZY, packed room. Fun opportunity to play music we formerly played @ ComicCon and an excellent recruiting opportunity.

  • Joint Concert: Tuesday, April 16 with ??. Originally planned with Cedar Rapids Washington HS  but they’re having transportation issues. Back up plan is to do a concert with Winterset Wind Ensemble.

    • Bands rehearse together all afternoon, eat dinner and then perform in the evening.

    • Will need booster assistance in serving a dinner to both bands.

    • Still working on guest conductor for the event.

    • Invited again to perform at Western Illinois February 2020. Dates will be shared at later date.

  • All Iowa Concert Band Festival

    • Opportunity for all three of our bands to perform for nationally known clinicians. Purely educational.

    • Last year we had 27 bands, this year will require a second site & a second day of concerts. 25 bands will perform at Johnston and the next day 19 bands will perform at Central Dewitt.

  • Midwest Conference did not disappoint.

New Business

  • William Kunze asked if it was possible to arrange to have card payments for t-shirt sales at concerts. Consider Square or Cash apps? Directors will ask accounting office.

  • We will need someone to help pull the uniform trailer next year. They can either drive the school vehicle or use their own truck. Bill Burge offered to help.

Old Business

  • Senior/Band banquet slideshow - Please continue to send senior pictures and any jazz band picture. Other ensembles have a fair number of submissions.

  • Chairs of upcoming events & changing of the guard – Jazz Fest, Adventureland Band Fest, Band Banquet

    • Christine Drabek has graciously chaired this event in recent years. Danielle Kunze has volunteered to shadow Christine this year & chair next year.

  • Fundraising

    • Looking for a “formal team” - Anyone interested please message the band boosters at or speak with any representative of the boosters

    • Traci Larsen had offered to check for possible grants through Facebook & Prairie Meadows at last booster meeting. She was not present at tonight’s meeting for an update.

    • Updates on Texas Roadhouse night - no event date has been set per Jason Scheller

    • Amazon smiles program -  Danielle Kunze initiated, waiting for approval from superintendent

    • Comparing revenue & time investment, for Clubs Choice fundraiser compared to Cookie Dough sales, is the Clubs Choice still desired? No. Motion to stop doing Clubs Choice fundraiser made by Danielle Kunze. Second by William Kunze. All voted aye, there were no nays. Motion passes.

The next booster meeting will be Thursday, February 7, 2019.

 Move to adjourn by Danielle Kunze, second by Michelle Rhine. Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.