SEP Band Boosters – 11/08/2018 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m immediately following fundraiser meeting. Location: commons @ SEP High School

Attendees: Jayson Gerth (Director), Jacquelyn Meunier (Director), Jason Scheller (Booster President), Heather Scheller, Kristen Patchin (Booster Vice President), Sophia Patchin, Alecia Cory (Booster Treasurer), Troy Cory,  Jeanna Panosh (Booster Secretary) Michelle Rhine (Volunteer Coordinator), Christine Drabek, Connie Hill, Selena Hill, Nathan Larsen, John Larsen, Traci Larsen, Kathy Kleywegt, Andrea Krier, Tiffany Bergman, Rick McIntosh, Robin Dickey, Dawn Vanfleet, William Kunze, Danielle Kunze, Chad Hall, Brigid Ernst, Bill Burge, Jennifer Burge, Jami Martin, CJ Reece, Jeff Reece, Matthew Catron, Karin Catron, Sarah Keller, Julie Dawson, Kelly Dawson, ___ Wright, Scott Pritchard, Raegan Pritchard, Jodi Masterson, Megan Masterson, Nathan Gladwyn-Nash, Valerie Gladwyn-Nash.


Treasurer report

Balance at the end of September was $83,270.82. It was reported that from July to September we had revenue of approximately $35,500.25 and expenditures of approximately $15,259.62.



Meeting minutes for September are available on the Band Booster web page (

Directors report

Submitted by Jacqui Meunier and Jayson Gerth


Clubs choice fundraiser

  • Projected 220 sellers. 57 participated. Participation rate ~25%. Sold $8305 gross, profited $3276.30. Avg seller 9.4 units. Avg sale $142.50. Avg profit $56.82
  • Delivery will be Tuesday, Nov 20. Usually arrives by 1:30 and laid out approx. at 2, pickup can be until 4. Will need parents that can help.
    • Dawn Vanfleet & Steve Rhine will help

Concessions (report by Kristen Patchin)

  • ISU concession – Three of the four concession dates have been completed.
  • Raised $1500 from baseball concessions stands. From ISU we’ve raised $7500. The time commitment for the events is long but it’s a good investment.


Travel account credits.  Next payment is due in Dec. Money from the Club’s Choice fundraiser will apply to that payment. The mattress fundraiser proceeds will be applied to final payment.

Honor Bands

All State

  • 8 students accepted this year & those students were recognized at our last concert.
  • Leaving Thurs afternoon w/ Mrs Meunier. Rehearsals all day Fri & most Sat, concert Sat night starting @ 7:30?


  • Auditions last Thursday of this month (11/29). 22 students auditioning. Auditions will take place at Roosevelt HS. Students responsible for own transportation to/from.

Drake honor band

  • A good number of students accepted. List came late this afternoon. Students will be notified 11/9/18. All day rehearsal Friday, 11/30. Additional rehearsal and then concert Saturday, 12/1.

ISU honor band

  • Details coming soon. Event held 2/1 & 2/2/19.

Pep band

In the middle of rehearsals now. Games start soon. Dates & rehearsal times are all available on our website calendar ( Approx 138 students have signed up. If students go through all of the rehearsals, show up on time, and in general are a good kid they usually  get to be in. If they can’t commit & show up on time, that’s taken into consideration before the official pep band list is posted at the end of next week. After final list is posted, they will have one final rehearsal before first public performance.

Jazz band

  • SCIBA Jazz Festival is 12/8 @Waukee.
    • Performance times will be Jazz 3 @ 10:10, Jazz 2 @ 12:45 Jazz 1 @ 2:29
  • Jazz bands will have clinics w/ ISU faculty on Sunday 12/2 from 1:00-6:00 PM.


SEP Football (and band!) go to the UNI Dome.

  • Buses leaving Friday 11/9 @ 4:30. Students report at 4-4:15 in show shirt & blue jeans. They must have their lyres & music. Bring money for concessions as well as a sack lunch for the bus. Once band arrives in UNI Dome, there won’t be time to eat right away. Anticipate arriving home at approx 11. Parents will be notified 15 min from home.
  • Thank you to the kids and chaperones that are participating!

Student tickets for State championship playoff events

  • Per Mr Gerth & Mrs Meunier – Payment for band student tickets have been debated this week & are still being debated at the time of our meeting. Currently, it has been proposed that Mr Campbell/Activities pay 1/3, Mr Pettit pay 1/3, Music boosters pay 1/3. This isn’t normal mode of operation. We’d like to not to have to pay for those tickets at all.
    • School pays for our travel
  • They’ve also spoken with Lori Slings (President of athletic boosters) and other “people with connections” to see if they’d be willing to help cover the student ticket costs moving forward for performances at state events.
  • The State Athletic Association isn’t currently willing to let our band in for free. We understand we have a lot of students. Our pep band is one of the largest in the area. Boys State Athletic Union lets several groups in for free, we can’t comprehend why bands aren’t included as part of the spirit & culture of football/basketball. We’re working diligently to fix this for the future.
  • In discussing options with the athletic boosters, the question was raised whether the music boosters would be willing to set aside a specific amount of money each year that would be a line item in the budget for State playoff events. Essentially, if athletic boosters are going to support the band, are we also willing to “have some skin in the game?” (Lori Slings).
    • Discussion and questions raised re: booster support:
      • This year we have lost 30 kids d/t musical & several others have opted not to participate. Still taking 50-60 kids, anticipated 80. Just not enough notice. This year’s expenses for football playoffs won’t be as substantial as they could be in future years
      • Our chances for going to state basketball tournament has been great for the women’s team. Campbell predicts men’s team is moving that way too. The trend could be increasing every year. We could go to all 3 playoffs every year.
      • We have 130 kids on average in pap band @ $10/head = $2600 for 2 games (we can’t play in championship game).
      • The 96 teams that made the tournament get free passes. Players & cheerleaders get to go. No band. AS it currently functions. IHSAA Assistant Director Todd Tharp has told the directors that because cheer & team are “official” part of the event their tickets are free. Pep bands are not currently considered part of official event programming. The IHSAA has invited specific marching bands to perform at half-time & those marching band students have free tickets. We weren’t invited, therefore we’re going as a pep band.
      • If the band boosters agreed to provide funds on recurring basis, do we want to designate a specific dollar amount? Would we do it per occasion?
        • Proposal to plan to cover 1/3 of cost, not specific dollar amount
          • Athletic boosters are going to want specific amount. Discussed having a line item on budget.
          • Having specific amount raises question of unused dollars if no one goes to playoffs. What if all money is spent at first 2 events and there’s none left for 3rd, etc.
        • Could we have a discounted ticket?
          • Activities director is considering.
            • Could the State cap how much out of pocket we pay as a band, or cap how many students can have a free ticket?
              • For example, with the women’s basketball playoff events we are allowed to bring the first 30 students at no cost & we pay for any students beyond 30.
            • Questioned if our participation was good will gesture vs challenge.
              • Lori Slings (and others approached) are worried about pushback from athletics booster for supporting the band. The question on whether the band boosters would be willing to match or help is believed to be out of goodwill, not challenge.
            • Does it create a future problem that at present we ask band students to pay for out of state honor band events but are proposing not paying for playoff athletic event. Both events are volunteer basis for the student – why should they be expected to cover the cost when they volunteer for one item but not another.
              • There is a community expectation for band participation at athletic events, not the same for honor band opportunities
              • In athletic events – everyone should be allowed to play. We don’t want to lose that opportunity to bring as many students as we can.
              • Two different scenarios & therefore not a future problem. Taking the pep band to playoffs isn’t truly a “volunteer” event – active members are expected to participate. Honors events are different.
            • Question raised on where the athletic booster gets their money from & where would they pull their support from. Is it from the gate proceeds? Marching/pep band parents pay a lot for tickets to games & concessions for the events we attend
              • Gate proceeds (from athletic events, band events, etc) feed into the Activities Fund. From that fund, the band is allotted $4000 each year. Currently that money is used largely to support marching, but also for extracurriculars w/ jazz, hiring clinicians, etc.
              • Concessions proceeds feed into booster funds
            • Consider us an athletic band! We’re here for the football & basketball teams. We wouldn’t have marching & pep if we weren’t there to support the teams.
            • The band boosters will help, but feel it’s better to commit have a specific percent per event rather than a set $ amount. Further, we would be asking the athletic boosters to meet us part-way. We also feel the school should provide support.
            • Motion made to propose addressing only football playoff game at this time and offering to covering 1/3 of the cost. We will readdress the specifics for moving forward at next meeting. A second was made. Vote held with all ayes, no nays. Motion carried. Directors will take our proposal to Lori Slings, she will discuss with athletic boosters.

New Business… it’s all about fundraising!

It was shared at the beginning of the mattress fundraiser meeting that the boosters will be facing the task of raising ~$100,000 in the next few years ($80,000 for new marching band uniforms and additional funds for replacing/purchasing new instruments).

Mattress Fundraiser! (Jason Scheller)

  • Could be a great annual fundraiser. Seems very crazy – but think it over. Those of us that attended the meeting tonight – it’s up to us to share what we learned & just how easy it is. It’s for our band kids!
  • Great that they want a relationship, not just a once and done. We haven’t officially decided if we’ll do it again or not – but the opportunity will be there.

Texas Roadhouse food night?

  • Jason has been contacted by Jimmy Freel re: fundraising night w/ Texas Roadhouse. Typically the group get a percentage of funds from those that state they’re part of the group. Easy.
  • Move forward

Amazon Smiles program?

  • Rick McIntosh (representing Whitney) brought up idea of taking advantage of Amazon Smiles program, especially with holiday shopping approaching.
  • Amazon Smiles donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to non-profits/charities.
  • Danielle Kunze will make sure we have a fundraiser set up under the SEP Band Booster Organization.

WE need a formal group of people that want to do the lead fundraising opportunities –

Grant writing for Prairie Meadows & Facebook – Traci Larsen will look into it.

Old Business



The next booster meeting will be January 10, 2019 .

Move to adjourn & second. Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.