Band Boosters Meeting Minutes

                                                                  September 2018


SEP Band Boosters – 09/06/2018 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. Location: Band Room SEP High School

Attendees: Jayson Gerth (Director), Jacquelyn Meunier (Director), Jason Scheller (Booster President), Heather Scheller, Jeanna Panosh (Booster Secretary) Michelle Rhine (Volunteer Coordinator), Jodi Masterson, Megan Masteron, William Kunze, Julie Dawson, Kelly Dawson, Angela Johnson, Amber Johnson, Valerie Gladwyn-Nash, Dawn Vanfleet, Whitney Smith McIntosh, Shawna Pritchard, Raegan Pritchard, Jennifer Burge, Bill Burge, Matt (student teacher), Dawn Reece, Chad Butler, Lilly Phipps, Steph Phipps, Tony Phipps, Christine Drabek, Ian Drabek, Joel Clifton


Treasurer absent. Last available balance, per meeting minutes from Feb 2018, $54016.42. Anticipate updated balance including expenditures & revenue at next meeting.

Unofficial report per Jayson Gerth regarding incoming revenues:

  • 59 minute fundraiser this year netted $14000 (final figures to be brought to next meeting). In comparison, last year we netted over $8000. Likely the band trip motivated students this year. There were 94 students that participated this year. Many students that didn’t participate directly by selling cookie dough did buy cookie dough. Question was raised if there is enough interest to continue to do fundraiser each year. General consensus from those attending meeting was yes. In future years, it will continue to be ok for those families/students that are uncomfortable to opt out.

  • Water sales from State Fair - ~$2550. This is in addition to the $5000 received directly from the State Fair to provide parking assistance. Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped!!

    • Special note that Dawn Vanfleet & Brandon Vanfleet combined volunteered 69 hours!!)

    • We will continue to do the State Fair in upcoming years. Most students seem to have fun.

    • It was recognized that some students get yelled at by individuals frustrated by lack of spots.

    • The couple representing the State Fair that is in charge of the parking would like to address the hours volunteered. Five hour slots are too long in the hot sun. In addition, many students in the afternoon are not able to work their full shift due to full parking lots. The contact information has been passed along to Jason Scheller & the directors. Next year shifts will be adjusted.


Tonight’s minutes will be made available on the band website,, in the upcoming week.


Submitted by Jacqui Meunier and Jayson Gerth

Band news: All 4 bands are up & running – busy time of year!

  • Marching band: All of the show is officially on the field for marching band.  

    • Next performance is our home football game 9/14. Saturday 9/15 is a double header with the Mitchelville parade in the morning and & Johnston Invitational in the afternoon.

      • As reminder, Johnston Invitational is a clinic, not competition. Opportunity for the band to put the show on the field and receive critique.

    • Directors are in the process of making all itineraries available on the google band calendar @ If you follow the calendar, you’ll find itineraries in the details of the events. The itineraries have also been put on google classroom for students. (Parents can subscribe to their student’s google classrooms for any class, including band.)

  • Concert band: Making great improvements each day

  • Jazz 1: Just added a new date to the calendar. On 10/10/18, Jazz 1 will perform @ Noce’s Jazz Caberet. Will play during DSM Big Band’s break at approx. 8:15 for 20-25 min. Next performance @ Noce will be 5/15.

  • Wind Ensemble: Fantastic progress. Jacqui is considering a concert in January near the end of the school day for 6-8th graders. In the past, the WE has performed at Comicon. It has been decided it may not not to be an appropriate venue for our students and WE will no longer be performing there. The possible concert in January will give the WE opportunity to have some “fun” music to perform and expose our younger student body to the band.

Important dates & events to look forward to before next mtg 11/8:

  • Band extravaganza concert – Tues 10/23

  • Club’s choice fundraiser, aka Pizza Bob fundraiser (frozen foods) – Will run 10/16/18-10/29/18 with delivery the week of Thanksgiving

    • Funds raised can be applied to FL trip. If not going to FL funds will go to band boosters

Florida trip fundraising & payments:

  • Next payment is due 10/5/18. Any funds raised since last payment will be applied to Bob Rogers acct on or prior to 9/24/18.

  • Students can raise up to $100 over the cost of the trip. For example, if a student raises a total of  $1500: $1400 goes toward costs, the remaining $100 goes back to boosters. Students can’t “profit” from their fundraising.


PPEL Vote – Joanne Moeller, School Board Rep:

  • Physical Plant Equipment Levy (PPEL) vote is 9/11/18. PPEL levy pays for physical supplies for our school (building repairs, building upgrades, computer equipment (1:1 initiative), security upgrades, equipment (playground, band instruments). Vote renews what we are already paying through property taxes. The proposal with renewal is to increase from $1 to $1.67 per $1000 of assessed value, which is the max. If it doesn’t pass, everything currently coming from PPEL will come out of the general fund. The general fund dollars are expressly used for classroom instruction and support services (e.g. employee salaries, educational programs and textbooks, heating and cooling costs).

  • If PPEL passes, the school board plans to designate a specific annual amount to apply directly to playground equipment & new band instruments.

  • Funds will also go toward purchasing new school buses. Our buses, on average, are 17 yrs old. We typically buy 3 new buses each year.

  • The vote on 9/11/18 is only for the PPEL vote, no school board votes, etc.

  • As point of reference, this does not impact the tax rate for our school district tax. Our school tax rate has dropped 3% each year the past few years and is now down to 16%. This is one of the lowest in the metro area.

Volunteer “PLUG” for marching band:

  • We can always use extra help! For marching band, the frontline needs more hands than we’ve used in years past. Students know what needs to be done, you just ask them what they need.

  • Uniform help will be needed the night of band extravaganza to turn in uniforms.

  • Uniform fittings on Friday afternoons all of Sept & early Oct from 9-2. If you can’t commit to the entire time slot, your help would be welcomed for a part of the slot.

  • To volunteer simply follow the link on our band website ( or go directly to

Speaking of volunteers:

Thank you to Jason Scheller. He provided materials & built the keyboard carts used for the frontline. He has also helped with the props, provided paint & additional materials. THANK YOU! Joel Clifton was also very instrumental – designed t-shirts, “dreaming up” the screens for the pyramid props. Huge thank you to everyone that has volunteered in any way.

New needs:

  • Becky needs 2 new Z racks for uniforms. Approximate cost would be $159/rack + $40 for extra bar + freight/shipping. Anticipated cost of $200-250 for each rack. Proposed to have band boosters provide the Z racks. Motion by William Kunze, 2nd by Dawn Vanfleet. Vote – majority vote went to the aye’s. No nay’s were noted.

  • We will need a trailer for the homecoming parade. We will also will need a truck. Jason Scheller will ask around. Jayson has requested the band truck to haul equipment.

Band photos:

  • Did you know we have a facebook page for our band? Join the group at Southeast Polk High School Bands -

  • Heather Scheller is compiling pictures for the annual Band Banquet video. She also posts pictures on the facebook page. If you’d like to submit your photos, please send a message through the facebook page or email directly to  

    • Heather has already started working on the marching band portion of the Band Banquet video & estimates she is 30% done. Please send any photos to be considered for inclusion ASAP.

    • Pictures for the senior pictures in the Band Banquet video also can be submitted as soon as you’re ready!

      • Please email both the baby picture & the senior picture at the same time, and don’t forget to include the name of your student. Submissions go directly to


  • Christine Drabek is retiring from band banquet coordinator after this year & is inviting a new volunteer to shadow her this year. Please contact the band boosters @ if you’re interested in learning more.

  • Whitney Smith McIntosh found a vendor that makes small flower arrangements that could be used in place of current single stem silk flowers for senior night events. If there is an interest, she can find out more information on pricing for bulk orders.  



The next booster meeting will be November 8, 2018 @ 6:30 in the band room.

Move to adjourn by Michelle Rhine, second by William Kunze. Meeting was adjourned at 7:12 PM.