Mitchellville Parade

Saturday,​ ​September​ ​16,​ ​2017:
Thomas​ ​Mitchell​ ​Days​ ​Parade​ ​&​ ​Johnston​ ​Marching​ ​Invitational
7:50 AM Drumline report to the field, Park personal vehicles at the JH.
8:00 AM Load Truck at football field (frontline, battery, and parent volunteers), walk to school
8:30 AM Winds report to HS – Change into uniforms and load instruments on truck. Uniform
bags​ ​go​ ​back​ ​onto​ ​the​ ​uniform​ ​truck.​ (Squad​ ​leaders​ ​whose​ ​instruments​ ​go​ ​on​ ​the​ ​_
truck,​ ​report​ ​to​ ​load​ ​crew!)

8:40 AM Drumline – Change into uniforms at school
9:00 AM Depart SEP for Mitchellville


BUS​ ​#1
Drumline, Sousas, Drum Majors

BUS​ ​#2
Trombones, Trumpets, M. Baritones

BUS​ ​#3
Mellophones, Saxes, Clarinet 3’s

BUS​ ​#4
Clarinet 1 & 2, Flutes

10:00 AM Parade Step Off
11:00 AM Depart Mitchellville for Johnston (Stay in uniform, hang coats flat and carefully over the bus seat in front of you.)
11:30 AM Arrive at Johnston (Wait for directors to dismiss)
11:40 AM Concessions:

**Drumline,​ ​Drum​ ​Majors,​ ​Parents​ ​FIRST​ ​in​ ​line​ ​for​ ​food!

12:25 PM Drumline (Uniforms, equipment, stretch…)
12:40 PM Drumline Warm Up
12:55 PM Winds – uniforms (Wait for instructions on where to go to warm up)
1:10 PM Winds stretch/warm up/sectionals…
1:25 PM Full Band Warm Up
1:55 PM Head to the gate
2:00 PM Gate​ ​Time
2:25 PM CLINIC​ ​(Auditorium)
2:55 PM Change out of uniforms & load the truck.
3:20 PM Depart Johnston High School
3:50 PM Arrive @ SEP

Johnston HS – 6500 NW 100th Ave. in Johnston. (A couple of blocks west of Merle Hay Rd.)

There will be an admission charge of $5.00 per person, free to those 6 years and younger. All
participating band members, directors, bus drivers and chaperones riding buses will receive
complimentary admission.

Band Performance
Johnston 9:00​ ​am
WDM Valley 9:20​ ​am
Urbandale 9:40​ ​am
Carlisle 10:00​ ​am
Ankeny HS 10:25​ ​am
Oskaloosa 10:45​ ​am
Dallas Center Grimes 11:05​ ​am
Saydel 12:20​ ​pm
Dowling 12:40​ ​pm
C.R. Kennedy 1:00​ ​pm
C.R. Washington 1:25​ ​pm
Centennial 1:45​ ​PM
Southeast Polk 2:05​ ​PM